Tara's Other Interests

Did you know?

Rhythmic Gymnastics

As a child Tara practiced Rhythmic gymnastics for a number of years and even placed in the top 3 several times at Provincial Championships in Canada! At the age of 9, Tara had to decide whether to pursue the sport or to accept a position as a full time student at Canada’s National Ballet School. She chose the latter but her experience with rhythmic gymnastic certainly helped with coordination and flexibility and a strict teacher set her up well for the discipline needed for a career as a professional ballet dancer

Pilates and Gyrotonics

Tara has expertise in Pilates and Gyrotonics and uses both to stay limber between strenuous rehearsals. Matt work can be equally as effective as using the Cadillac and Reformer machines and can done anywhere from the beach to the your living room! Exercises tend to focus on strenghening and stretching at the same time, making it the ideal supplementary workout for a dancer. This is also a great way for anyone to rehab from an injury or to stay in tip top shape!

Sports Science and Nutrition

Our understanding of sports science and nutrition is constantly evolving but the fundamentals will always stay the same. Being a professional ballet dancer requires Tara to keep her body in the best shape possible, both inside and out. Over many years, Tara has developed an in depth knowledge of sports science and nutrition and how the two can be used to greatly improve her routine and her performance. She particularly enjoys looking for innovative ways to implement her ideas on a daily basis!


Tara loves the water! She spends every summer in Canada swimming and working out in the water, creating new exercises to help keep her ballerina body. Over the years she has used the water to help her with different issues ahead of the new season at the Royal Ballet. If she has had a niggling injury or surgery, the pool is a very safe environment to start moving in and gently begin activating specific muscles. More recently she has found great relief in swimming with her growing bump - the boyoncy and compression of the water is great for any dancer or Mum to be! Tara also participates in an annual swimathon raising money for various charities including Sports Relief, Marie Curie and Macmillan Cancer Support. The swim is 5 kms and usually takes Tara about 2 hours to complete, which she does in between rehearsals and performances!


As Tara’s Mother is French Canadian, she was put in a French immersion school from Kindergarten until she began attending vocational ballet school. Tara has kept up with the language and is still fluent in written and spoken French


Travelling is something Tara adores whether it’s for work or for pleasure. While at the Royal Ballet she has been lucky enough to travel around the world and in what little time she has free Tara loves exploring new cultures, landscapes and activities. Some highlights include:

  • Snorkeling in the Maldives
  • Swimming with turtles and dolphins in Mexico
  • Meeting a lion cub in Tokyo!
  • Visiting the World's largest herd of elephants in Sri Lanka's Pinnawale Elephant Orphanage
  • Cliff diving in Croatia
  • Jet skiing and parasailing in Turkey